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“Angel your class is helping me open my mind and heart to new possibilities and helping me reduce my fears about the future and changing them to hopes.” Brenda

“Having Angel as a facilitator for teaching spiritual journaling (which is such an intimate part of our lives), was life changing. She holds a space for curiosity, revelations, and connection in a way that allows for the vulnerability to unfold. Having her show ways that we can connect with ourselves, our guides, and our own intuition without any doubts has been ground-breaking for me. This woman is a beautiful soul - I am humbled that she is able to provide us the opportunity to work with her.” Breanne

“I would like to thank Angel for her honest reading. She is very intuitive and caring person her space is always clean and welcoming to all, her manner is calm personable and caring. She is a truth seeker for all your question and answers. You will not be disappointed.” Cathay

“Last night was my fourth session into the six-week Spiritual Journaling. I am sharing the space with other authentic strong women who have great heart and spirit. I feel blessed to be guided in this incredible journey by Angel. Angel is a wonderful unique woman and I am inspired by her creativeness love and light. I would recommend this journey to everyone. “ Bonnie

“I feel like your classes are helping me to see how accurate life really is. Trust and believe.” Heather

“Angel is a fantastic teacher and mentor! You can see how passionate she is with her work, and how she truly cares about her students and those who share the room with her. I would highly recommend. She's also super funny, so be prepared for a laugh or two.” Nicole

“Spirit journaling opened my mind to more meaningful writing and gave me more direction. I loved the Oracle cards week. I bought my first set of Oracle cards on the Chakras. I Use it faithfully every week as part of my spiritual practice and it helps me to keep in tune with my mind and body. Thank you Angel for all you are and opening up my horizons. I highly recommend taking this course you will be grateful." Pauline